Our young learners use media-rich, interactive eBooks downloaded on their individual iPads to explore Mathematics, Arabic, English, French, Science & Social Studies The iPad-iLearn Program is implemented in the lower elementary classes, in partnership with the EDUVATION School Network, integrating e-books and related interactive technology in the teaching and learning process. By 2023, all learners in grades 1 to 6 will be using e-books and corresponding software daily to learn English, Arabic, Mathematics, Science, French and Social Studies. Through this innovative program, our learners explore these subjects through interactive e-books downloaded on their individual iPads, which offers several advantages over the traditional paper-bound textbooks. The use of iPads in the classroom makes learning fun, fosters creativity, increases access to videos, charts, animations and other resources, improves learner enthusiasm and engagement, and lightens the load of books carried by the learners.