Tuition Fees

Grade Tuition
Preschool 250,000LL/month, no registration fee
KG1 1,900,000LL
KG2 1,900,000LL
KG3 1,900,000LL
1 2,800,000LL
2 2,800,000LL
3 2,800,000LL
4 3,100,000LL
5 3,100,000LL
6 3,100,000LL
7 3,400,000LL
8 3,400,000LL
9 4,400,000LL
10 4,400,000LL
11 4,400,000LL
12 4,900,000LL

Registration Fee: With the exception of the Preschool class, a registration fee of 750,000LL is applied to all grade levels.

Registration and Tuition fees include: copybooks, agendas, test papers, after-school activities (upon availability), technology fees (upon availability), field trips (upon availability).

Registration and Tuition fees do not include: transportation, uniforms, food & beverage and external after-school activities (such as the Model United Nations).