Why Us

An Engaging, Rich & Diverse Multilingual Curriculum
We use a holistic approach to education, immersed in a rich history of tradition and excellence
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STEAM and Robotics
We guide our students to learn in their own way & reach their own conclusions through an amazing mix of discovery, collaboration, imagination & creative hands-on activities
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Our young learners use media-rich, interactive eBooks downloaded on their individual iPads to explore Mathematics, Arabic, English, French, Science & Social Studies
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Admissions & Scholarships
We believe that every child is unique & comes to us with his or her hopes and aspirations & his/her own personality
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Character Education & Life Skills Program
We help our learners develop values and focus on the acquisition of 21st century leadership skills such as critical thinking, and the management of personal financial affairs.
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Career Guidance & Orientation
Through weekly activities, the “Shadow Day” & the “Career Day”, we guide our students through their journey of self-discovery, to take better advantage of career opportunities & make wiser choices
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28 Jun
Term 3: Parents’ meeting Fri, 28 Jun 2024
29 Jun
Grade 12 official exams. Sat, 29 Jun 2024
01 Jul
Grade 12 official exams. Mon, 1 Jul 2024
03 Jul
Grade 12 official exams. Wed, 3 Jul 2024
04 Jul
Grade 12 official exams. Thu, 4 Jul 2024