Who We Are

  Greetings from the AGBU Schools in Lebanon!

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) is the largest Armenian non-profit organization worldwide. Established in 1906, and based in New York, it operates 15 Elementary and secondary schools in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Australia. These schools are key components of their respective communities, and they are actively involved and contribute to the cultural and social life of their members.

In Lebanon, for the past 90 years, the AGBU Schools have served our community, providing quality education to thousands of distinguished individuals, scholars and entrepreneurs. The Tarouhy Hagopian School for Girls was founded in 1939 and the Hovagimian Manougian School for Boys was founded in 1947. These schools grew over the years to become two prominent high schools with state of the art campuses. They were the first to adopt the Lebanese certificate and baccalaureate programs and were recognized for their high academic standards. Their graduates were readily accepted to universities and colleges. The Levon G. Nazarian and Boghos K. Garmirian elementary and middle schools were established in 1962 and 1974 respectively as co-ed elementary schools. During the 2018-2019 academic year, these schools were consolidated in the renovated Antelias campus, under the name “AGBU Schools in Lebanon”.

In continuation of this rich history and tradition of excellence, we strive to provide a complete educational experience for our learners to help them reach their potential. Our school consists of classes from nursery to grade 12, with three sub-sections: LS, GS and SE sections. Beginning with the Kindergarten classes, we use a holistic approach to implement the Lebanese National Curriculum, teaching Arabic, English and French along with Armenian, in a manner that ensures a conceptual, integrated and enriched learning experience for our young. We have a long history of helping students achieve excellent results on national (the Lebanese Baccalaureate) and international (SAT) levels. We believe that it is our duty to encourage students of all capacities to venture towards academic excellence; we want them to become successful and responsible citizens in this ever-changing world.

All classes are recently renovated, featuring new desks and chairs, heating and cooling systems, active boards and computers. Our children regularly enjoy the luxury of the AGBU professional football and basketball fields.

Through our uniquely designed Character Education and Life Skills program, we help our learners develop values related to respect, integrity, responsibility and belongingness. At the same time, we focus heavily on the acquisition of 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, management of personal financial affairs and leadership. In the lower elementary classes and through the iPad-iLearn initiative, our students use interactive eBooks downloaded on their individual iPads to study Mathematics, Arabic, English, French, Science and Social Studies.

Our school takes pride in the various Career Guidance and Orientation activities, including the Shadow Day and the Career Day, which are organized to help students choose suitable majors and career paths. We also provide engaging opportunities in order to help our learners grow and develop, including academic, sport, performance and creative arts, as well as self-discovery and personal development activities.

We are very proud of our rich past of traditions and achievements, and we continue to uphold our pledge to preserve our identity and culture, enrich the lives of our children and inspire hope for a better future.

In this website, we are pleased to share with you some of our rich history, as well as our current and enduring efforts to build upon our Schools' memorable legacy. It is a privilege to welcome you to our learning community.

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  Mission, Core Values and Profile of a Graduate

Our Mission:

AGBU Lebanon Schools' mission is to achieve educational excellence in a supportive, nurturing environment that prepares students to thrive as responsible citizens in a fast-changing world. Together, with our community, we're committed to delivering top-notch education that not only focuses on excellence but also works towards the preservation of the Armenian language, culture, and heritage. Because when we come together, united by a shared vision of educational excellence and cultural preservation, we create a community that thrives and supports one another, producing a positive impact on the lives of our students and the world around us!

Our Core Values:

  • We believe that all children are inherently gifted and capable of learning. Learning is not only a fundamental right but also a joyful journey that enriches lives and communities.

  • Our hope is to inspire students to support others, think critically and creatively, and serve their community. We aspire to cultivate a positive and safe school environment where high expectations for achievement and personal conduct are coupled with a strong foundation in academics, humanities, and healthy lifestyles.

  • We aspire to preserve and promote the Armenian identity and heritage, drawing from over 80 years of dedicated service. 

  • Our schools strive to provide nurturing environments that foster academic, physical, and spiritual growth in every child.

  • We value the development of intellectual skills and abilities, nurturing students' curiosity and critical thinking.

  • We value and celebrate the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives within our school community.

  • We value the ability to reflect on one's actions and decisions, fostering responsible and ethical behavior.

  • We value teamwork and leadership, empowering students to work together and take initiative in making positive contributions to their community and to society at large.

AGBU Schools - Profile of a graduate:

At the AGBU Schools, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to excel in all aspects of their lives. Our graduate profile embodies the values and skills essential for success in the dynamic world beyond high school.

Academic Excellence and Critical Thinking: Our graduates are creative and critical readers, thinkers, writers, and communicators. They possess a strong foundation in academic subjects and are adept at applying classroom knowledge to real-world situations. Through rigorous academic challenges, they develop the ability to think critically, analyze information, and communicate effectively.

Technological Competence: Our students are technologically competent, equipped with the skills to navigate and leverage digital tools and platforms for learning, communication, and problem-solving. They understand the importance of staying abreast of technological advancements and adapting to evolving digital landscapes.

Responsible Citizenship: Our graduates contribute responsibly and cooperatively to their communities, making decisions guided by AGBU values. They demonstrate integrity, empathy, and ethical conduct in their interactions and endeavors, striving to uphold the principles of justice, equality, and inclusivity.

Lifelong Learning and Personal Growth: Our students are committed to lifelong learning, continuously developing their gifts and talents. They possess a growth mindset, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and self-improvement. With a positive self-image and a drive for self-advocacy, they navigate post-secondary life choices with confidence and resilience.

Interpersonal Skills and Cultural Competence: Our graduates have the ability to work well with others (even those from other backgrounds), valuing collaboration and cooperation in diverse settings. They exhibit cultural competence, respecting and appreciating differences while fostering inclusivity and understanding. With strong communication skills, they express themselves effectively in verbal and written form, engaging in meaningful dialogue and advocacy.

Preservation of Armenian Identity and Heritage: Rooted in Armenian culture and heritage, our graduates are committed to preserving their identity and language. They honor their cultural roots while embracing global perspectives, bridging cultures and communities with respect and understanding.

Leadership and Problem-Solving: Our students demonstrate leadership skills, taking initiative and inspiring positive change in their communities. They are innovative problem solvers, capable of addressing complex challenges with creativity, resilience, and adaptability.

Holistic Approach and Self-Awareness: Our graduates have a holistic approach to life, balancing academic, social, and emotional well-being. They possess self-awareness, recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, and are equipped with strategies to manage stress, maintain wellness, and cultivate a fulfilling life.

As graduates of AGBU Schools, our students emerge as the best versions of themselves—confident, knowledgeable, and ethically grounded individuals who contribute positively to their communities and the world at large. They embody the spirit of lifelong learning, leadership, and cultural preservation, leaving a lasting impact wherever they go.