Admissions & Scholarships

We believe that every child is unique & comes to us with his or her hopes and aspirations & his/her own personality The AGBU Schools welcome applications throughout the year. We accept children between the ages of 2 and 18. We believe that every child is unique and comes to us with his or her hopes and aspirations and his/her own personality, and that children have the right to grow in our warm, encouraging and nurturing environment, provided they show a commitment towards our academic and moral standards.

We encourage all prospective parents to make an appointment to visit our school and learn more about our amiable atmosphere and rich curriculum. All applications are considered individually, taking into consideration the following factors:
• Previous school history
• Language profile and level
• Final goals of the applicant
• Level of maturity
• Age (as per Lebanese Ministry of Education regulations)

Students are selected on the basis of their previous academic achievement and school recommendation, as well as passing the Entrance Examination (when needed). Kindergarten applicants are admitted only on the basis of a qualifying interview.

The AGBU Schools are proud to offer scholarships each year to students based on family financial needs. In addition, The AGBU Schools encourage educational excellence by providing merit scholarships to highly deserving students. In both cases, the case files of candidates are studied, and scholarships are awarded for a single academic year. Awardees will be required to apply for renewal annually depending on their academic progress.

The coveted scholarships program is open to both current AGBU Schools students and external candidates who can demonstrate excellence in academia.

To apply, candidates are asked to complete a Scholarship Application Form (obtained from the school offices) and submit it with the required supplementary documentation.

For more information on available scholarships please contact our admissions department.

Tel: +961-4-522841; +961-4-413933

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