Career Guidance & Orientation

Through weekly activities, the “Shadow Day” & the “Career Day”, we guide our students through their journey of self-discovery, to take better advantage of career opportunities & make wiser choices Guidance is crucial to support motivated, smart career-choices.

The Career Guidance and Orientation Program of the AGBU Schools is designed to help students explore their own preferences, attitudes, potential and learning style, thus take better advantage of career opportunities and make wiser choices.

In this program, students are asked to complete several questionnaires, through which they explore their own passion, interests, strengths and characteristics. Later, during the “Career Day” organized by the Orientation Office of the school, students sit with professionals in different fields and gain insight of these career paths. At the same time, based on their preferences, learners visit different establishments and accompany professionals in different fields during the “Shadow Day”, to gain first-hand experience of the inner workings of different careers. Moreover, representatives of different universities visit our school on a weekly basis to present the various majors and opportunities provided in institutes of higher learning.

The Orientation Office of our school supports and guides students during every single step of this long journey, assisting them in the choice of a specialization, networking into the occupational community, among other aspects.